Sponsored by : Jason Armstrong, Posted 6:00am

Malik Mullino CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC has channeled the capitol resources of the company to build a sizeable fleet of newer model Peterbuilt and Kenworth trucks which provide logistics and shipping services to some of the most lucrative companies in California and the Midwest. Companies such as Ralphs, Albertsons, Amazon, Target, and Home Depot. I asked Malik about his analysis of Jadeite Assets LLC’s position with these multi-billion dollar corporations and he stated, “Through precise networking and quality leadership we will continue to serve our clients needs to insure renewable contracts that produce maximum profits for Jadeite Assets !”┬áMalik stated , “Our fleet of trucks are expertly maintained and our drivers are intensely screened through our HR department. Rest assured the financial horizons of Jadeite Assets LLC are shining brightly.”