OCArticles / March 30,2021

Posted By : Christopher Ledger 8:00am

Jadeite Assets LLC proudly announces a new property acquisition off the orange county coastline . This beautiful coastal property boasts amazing views off Laguna Beach. I asked the CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC Malik Mullino to give his thoughts on the acquisition , ” This property is absolutely amazing the Laguna Coast has some of the most beautiful views in the United States, 3 bedrooms , 6 bathrooms 2 are marbled out with jacuzzi tubs and walk in showers , a spectacular kitchen , movie theater , a courtyard , pool , we are talking 4900SF on an 11,000SF lot”. This property was purchased at market value at 9.6 million . This property will easily sell for 15 million within 2 years maximum.  Malik Mullino stated,  ” Our mission at Jadeite Assets LLC is to find rare investment opportunities that maximize profits”. When I asked Malik Mullino about the capital resources of Jadeite Assets LLC he stated,  ” We have private investors that are very wealthy and they make very good profits with us. So we can do a wide range of things financially .Be looking for our next acquisition coming soon it’s in the works ” , said Malik Mullino.